Arrábida Mountain

The Arrabida Mountain is a landscape of exceptional aesthetic value. Throughout its mountains, or through the shadows of its peaks and valleys, the horizont presents itself as one of the most beautiful Portuguese and world landscapes.

From atop of the 501 meters from Formosinho one has a wide panoramic view over the surrounding region.
The southwest massive of Arrábida has the largest seaside cliffs of Portugal, being the Risco the highest coastal limestone escarpment in Europe; it falls in a calm , crystal blue and emerald green sea.
Authors and renowned artists in various fields write both prose and poetry, inspired by the unique beauty of this area.
The Arrabida Mountain is one of the most beautiful and significant natural spaces of Mediterranean influence .

It is a place with strong landscape character , a key region, from the geological point of view, to a better knowledge and understanding of key stages of Earths history. In the mountain one meets a number of specific characteristics which justify the presence of plant communities, preserved, unique at worldwide. Arrábida is also relevant from the level of marine ecosystems, it is an area of ​​high biodiversity, unparalleled at European level.